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Speed Skating

Skate City Speed Membership

$25 re-occurring monthly fee that covers all practices, Skate City meets and Learn to be a Speed skater.

$25 monthly fee Membership includes:
All practices
All speed meets
Road training
Clinics & Camps

*Excludes American Championships

Learn to Speed Skate
• Saturday Morning  8:30-9:30am
• Located at all Rinks
• New Skater receives a FREE pair of speed skates, you pay only $16 shipping and handling
• Cost is $25 monthly membership fee

Meet schedule coming soon
• $25 re-occurring monthly fee covers meet fee
• Must have USRSS Membership - $35
• Club Skin Suits are $49.99, if needed (Use Helios link below to order)
• Club t-shirts are $15 (Use Helios link below to order)

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Summer Practices

Xfinity Sports Arena
Thursday - 6:30-8pm

Wednesday - 8-9pm

Sunday - 9:30am-11am

Austin Bluffs
Tuesday - 8-9:15pm

ALL Rinks
Saturday - 8:30-9:30am

You must have a Speed Membership to attend practices.  The membership is a $25 re-occurring fee that covers all practices and Skate City sanctioned meets.


Snuggle with a blanket that has an action shot, head shot, team logo, players name & number!

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(55" w x 60" h)