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Skate City Littleton


Admission (2 hr. sessions)         $7.50
Extra Session                                    $2.00
Skate Rental                                     $3.00
Skate Trainers (10 & Under)   $5.00


5801 S. Lowell Way
Littleton, CO., 80123

Skate City will ALWAYS be OPEN during spring break, Christmas break and summer break for additional skating dates/times throughout the year. please check the calendar for public session times.

Weekend Specials

  • Friday Evenings
    • Free skating if registered for free family Fridays (register here)
  • Saturdays Evenings
    • Free skate rentals
  • Sunday Evenings
    • Free Pizza 

Tuesdays  8-10:30 pm

18 & older only
$7.50 Admission • $3 Skate Rental
Come get down with some sweet jams, killer lighting and professional skaters!

Saturdays 11 am - noon

$5 Admission/child
FREE Admission for parents
Skate Rental Included
FREE pair of skates for 6+ visits
*For children 2-6 years of age