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Skate City Aurora

* Due to the recent CORONAVIRUS Pandemic, Skate City will be closed  until further notice.

Admission (2 hr. sessions)       $6.00
Extra Session                      $2.00
Skate Rental                        $2.50

Skate Trainers (10 & Under)  $5.00

If you would like to book your party online, please click the link below.  If you would like to call Skate City Aurora to book your party, our staff will be happy to help you out.
Skate City Aurora 303-690-1444


Sundays 6-8 pm
$5.50 Admission • $3 Skate Rental
One FREE slice of pizza for each paid skater.

Any Sunday Night from 6-8 PM! 
$7.50 per person.
Includes 2 hours of skating, skate rental, one slice of pizza, ice cream, and a drink!
You may bring your own cake to the party!

Sundays 8:00-10:30pm
18 & older only (must show I.D.)
$7.50 per person • Includes skate rental
Hip-Hop, Old School, and Jazz Music



10 am to Noon every Saturday morning.
$6 Admission • $3 Skate Rental
FREE admission for parents with children this session.

6-8 & 8-10 pm
$6 Admission • $3 Skate Rental
Catering Mostly to Teens

Our fun & educational STEM Field Trips will show children how STEM is all around them in their everyday lives, especially in enjoyable & healthy activities such as roller skating!
Classes and groups of 50 or more can participate in a 1 hour, custom STEM lesson for their age group followed by 2 hours of skating for physical fitness and fun.
To get more information on our STEM program, lesson options, and available dates, please contact or call 303-204-5272

• Our skate lessons run approx five times a year.
• Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 9:15-10am and run for 8 weeks.
• The cost is $90 for all 8 lessons and skate rental is included.
• Receive a FREE pair of CRU skates for only $15 shipping (first time students only)
• Sign up for the next series of classes under the beginner class tab

Be a part of our speed skating team.  Call your local rink for practice times!

Just joining?  $125 gets you 10 practices and a FREE pair of Vanilla Assassin or Carbon speed skates (These skates are valued at $229).  After that, just pay $50 for a membership card that includes practices for a year.

Want to be a part of our Elite Speed Skate Team, the Stallions?  Try out with Coach Simas!