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Skate City Arvada

Summer Skating Schedule

Our Summer Skating Schedule goes from May 29th to August 17th.

Public Session Hours

Mondays- 12-2pm, 2-4pm and 4-6pm.

Tuesdays- 12-2pm, 2-4pm and 4-6pm.

Wednesdays- Adult Fitness Class 10:30-noon, 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm and 6-8pm.

Thursdays- 12-2pm, 2-4pm and 4-6pm Adult Night 18+ 8-10:30pm.

FridaysPixie Class 10-11:30am, 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm and 8-10:30pm.

Saturdays- 10am-noon, 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm, 8-10pm.

Sundays- 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm and 6-8pm.

Special Sessions

Speed Skate Practice: Mondays, 8:00pm-8:45pm, admission $5. (Must be enrolled in current Speed Skate classes) 

Adult Fitness Class: Wednesdays, 10:30am- noon, admission $5, skate rental $2.00

Adult Night: Thursdays, 8-10:30pm, ages 18+, admission $6, skate rental $2.00. Come get down with some sweet jams, killer lighting, and professional skaters! 

Pixies: Fridays 10-11:30 am, ages 2-6, admission $4 (includes skates and snack) 

Teen Night: Fridays 6-8, 8-10:30, admission $5, skate rental $2.00. Music and atmosphere is catered to teens, but is still a public skating session. Dance held from 10:00-10:30 every Friday night. 

Parents Skate FREE: Saturdays 10 am-noon, skate rental $2.00

Family Night: Sundays 6-8pm, admission $4.50, skate rental $2.00 and each paid skater recieves a free slice of pizza.



ADDITIONAL SESSION - $1.50                           

TRADITIONAL SKATE RENTAL - $2.00              


Arvada Avengers Speed Skating Team

Skate City Arvada!

 (303) 423-0616 | 5353 W. 64th Ave. | Arvada, CO 80003



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Speed Skating

Interested in joining our Inline Speed Skating class?

$125 for 5 classes and 5 practices

New skaters will receive a free pair of speed skates! ($229 value)

Classes will be Saturdays 7:30-8:30 am
Practices will be Mondays 8-8:45 pm

Start any Saturday!

Ages 7 and older only

Intermediate Class

Join our Intermediate Class

$80 for 5 classes and 5 practices

New skaters will receive a free pair of skates! 

Classes will be Saturdays 8:30-9:15 am
Practices will be Mondays 7:15-8:00 pm

Start any Saturday!

Ages 7 and older only